AquaOx Water Filtration System is a point of entry, whole-house water purification system. Purifies 100% of all your home’s water.

Filters out 99% of contaminants, toxins, and heavy metals to include chlorine, lead, iron, Tthm’s and more!

KDF media reduces lime scale, mold and fungi in your tub and shower. It further removes bacteria, chloramines, hydrogen sulfide, and VOC’s (volatile organic compounds).

Maintenance Free! No replacement filters necessary: Self-sanitizing through automatic back washing.

Meets National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) standards.

3-year limited warranty.


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Common Water Conditions

Purified Water Cloudiness/Turbidity. This results from suspended particles of dirt in the water that make water appear cloudy These particles usually are in two categories: larger, visible pieces that can be easily filtered out; and minute, invisible particles that can make water hazy. These invisible particles require a finer filter to remove them. In addition to affecting the look and taste of water, particles can build up and eventually clog working parts of appliances which user water, such as ice makers, washing machines, and dish washers, causing them to break down.

Hardness. Approximately 85% of the country has hard water. Water becomes “hard” when it picks up calcium, magnesiumand other minerals, such as iron, as it travels through certain types of rock and soil. These minerals can build up in appliances and pipes, restricting water flow. Hard water also leaves a sticky film on shower tiles and inhibits the lathering ability of soaps and detergents. Hardness usually does not adversely affect the taste of water.

Musty, Earthy, and Fishy Tastes and Odors. These tastes and odors are caused by algae, molds and baceria that naturally live in most water sources, such as lakes and rivers. Off-color and standing water that is brownish in color is caused by both the tea-liek extracts of dead leaves, and by metals such as iron and copper. Unpleasant tasting and looking, this water can stain sinks and laundry.

Rotten Egg Smell. This is caused by hydrogen sulfide in water, produced by bacteria in deep wells and in low-use, stagnant waqter mains. It is also highly corrosive, so other problems may accompany the smell.

Rust and metallic tastes. Excessive iron and other metals in drinking water change the taste and appearance of water. Water can taste metalic even though it appears normal at first, turning “rusty” after a few minutes contact with air.

“Swimming Pool” taste. Chlorine, commonly used by municipalities to disinfect the water supply, often causes poor tasting and smaling water. Chlorine taste and odor is by far the most common compliant.

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